Singing Competition BYU May 2013

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The second installment of Art City Record’s College Idol competition is on now!  We visited college campuses across Utah to find 20 finalists who can sing like an angel, and write and play their own music like they made a deal with the devil.

What Does The Winner Get?

The winner of College Idol will receive a $20,000 studio package that includes the writing, recording, and production of an original song with music video.  The winner will work hand-in-hand with the highly skilled engineers of Art City Records who will use our top-of-the-line video and recording equipment to bring out the absolute best in their voice.  The winner’s single will be released and sold on iTunes.

How Does The Competition Work?

Our 20 finalists are all incredibly skilled, so we need your help to whittle it down to the absolute best of the best!

The first round ends Tuesday, May 7th at midnight – vote now for your favorites!  We’ll be cutting the bottom 50%, so if you have somebody you absolutely love, you need to vote to keep them in the competition.  A second round of voting will determine who makes our top 5, and then you’ll vote again to pick the winner.

How Can I Vote?

You can vote once per day by visiting the Art City Records Facebook page.

Who Should I Vote For?

To watch full versions of the artists’ performances, click here.

How Can I Audition For College Idol?

Our next round of auditions will be held on BYU campus at the Wilkinson Center on Sept. 12th at 11:00 am.

Author: 4 years ago